U N I T Y – Lexington is a shining example of what happens when the small business community comes together with one common goal:  unity.  Not a single one of our entrepreneurial crew wasted a minute on “wait and see.”  We all did what we know how to do and got to work immediately.  LexUNITE is a centralized resource that provides our beloved and supportive community the answers to how and when they can help… and your support of our local economy is making an impact IN REAL TIME.  Visit LexUNITE often, multiple times daily – share LexUNITE with your friends, family, and foes.  Use the hashtag #LexUNITE to show your support and do it often.  We’re not leaving anyone behind… we are here, we will persevere, we are LexUNITE.

An important note:  a few pockets of entrepreneurs had the same great idea to support our hospitality and retail industry right now.  #859together and #lexsticktogehter are showing their support over social media.  LexUNITE.com and Sick-ky.com both provide links to small businesses making it super easy for you to show your support!

If you’re a small and locally owned business owner in the Lexington area, we’re here to support you! Make sure to include all the information requested in the submission form so that we can post your information accurately. We’ll do our best to get it posted in a timeline manner. #LexUNITE